In addition to Lifestyle411, check out my stories on Thrive Global and Huffington Post. I’m a super mom/wife, great daughter/sister, cool aunt and awesome BFF. I stay organized and can’t operate without my smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop — all of which I consider my personal assistants. In addition to beauty, fashion, technology, I also enjoy arts/culture, food/wine, traveling and indulge in very much needed “me” time whenever humanly possible! I love dining out and cooking/entertaining family and friends. I’m addicted to shopping, so that I have everything  to compliment my every mood. I enjoy a good jog, especially after a challenging work day — being able to release endorphins after a session on the treadmill or bike makes me smile from cheek to cheek, no matter how stressful the work day may be!  When I’m home and after the family and pets are all asleep, I pamper myself with a facial mask, hair treatment and lose myself in an aromatherapy bubble bath. It’s like being on a dreamy spa getaway — till the family wakes up and I have to walk the dogs…

I just love sharing new finds with all those who have the desire to discover the best of the best that life has to offer!

~Bevs Lim


Hi, I’m Charlie. I work part time and currently freelance. I love to travel all over the world, meet new people, discover different cultures and enjoy various international cuisines. When I’m working, I enjoy listening to music, reading, writing, surfing the mysterious and exciting adventures out there in the web — and sharing it with you all.  Thanks for reading, Charlie Lee

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